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Meet Clim


Clim not only is an award winning motion design motionagrapher, but he has been exploring different visual languages for the past 15 years. He hand picks the perfect dream team for each job. That’s how Clim is mastering the art of directing. Bringing together the best of the best exclusively for each specific project.

Clim is an Animation and Mix Media Studio. Their infrastructure is adaptive and fluid. A worldwide freelance network collaborating together orchestrated by a unique voice: Clim, an international award winning creative director, designer and producer.

1. OMG your kinetic poem, “It’s About Time” is absolutely amazing. As creative director, how did you come up with the direction and concept for this amazing piece of art?

Thank you so much! Glad you liked it! As every personal project it was such a journey.

It started long time ago as a mix media project that was put on a drawer due to other commission work. I love making personal projects. I think they are the reason I am still enjoying so much what I do. But it is hard to work on them. You need to be very methodical.

Then I wanted to re-use the idea for a Title Sequence for a well known Design Festival in Belgium but… guess what? It got cancelled due to the unfortunate events of 2020…

So, during the pandemic I felt that Earth was screaming at us: It’s About Time! It’s about time to change and rethink how our society is built. There is not much time left yet time is all we have, right? That’s why I felt that was the right moment to just speak about Time on a very relaxed way.

At that time I already involved my friend and colleague Edgar Ferrer and we decided to continue working on it during the confinement.

And the rest is just work, work & work.

2. How did you become “Clim” whats the story behind this name and your origins?

The answer is not crazy or anything. Simple: Clim is short for Climent, my name. My parents always called me Cli, without the “m” at the end. It was in my university, when I was studying Graphic Design, when my friends started to call me Clim. And it sticked until now. Even my husband (whom I met long after my uni) calls me Clim! My parents are still calling me Cli though, or Cli-Cli (which is even cheesy-er), but you don’t need to do that. Please, don’t do that. 😛


3. What’s your dream? (Where do you want to see your life and the world in 10 years? Year 2030!?

That’s VERY hard to answer in such a difficult time, right? We don’t even know what’s gonna happen in few months… Now I am readying “HOMO DEUS”. It is about how humans will luckily evolve in the future, very interesting.

Professionally is also hard to tell, obviously. I have always evolved and pushed my boundaries. Started very young as a freelancer. I had my own graphic design studio at the age of 21, then studied motion graphics, moved to uk, founded Sebas&Clim studio and then moved to Barcelona to start my solo career as a director. It was not much long ago that I founded Clim – Studio.
I am hoping to continue growing, learning and collaborating with amazing professionals.

Personally I see myself in 10 years still happily married with my favourite person in the world, hopefully with a kid, maybe in France, who knows!


My favorite projects are those that keep up awake at night…  the ones that are followed by a feeling of panic and angst..

4. You’ve worked with so many amazing brands and projects. What type of projects are your favorite and why?

My favourite projects are the ones that has the strongest ideas. I don’t care if a project is in Cell animation, 3D or 2D motion graphics. I always thought that the technique is not what matters the most. IDEAS FIRST, always. And projects and clients that allow me to approach the projects that way are the ones I like the most.

Facebook, Google, Spotify… all of them are amazing to work with but I would say that my favourite commissioned job is probably the one we did for Logitech. It was such a journey! You can check the whole process in the Behance link at the end of this page.

Oh, and also the one I did with Jessica Walsh: Frooti Fizz. That experience was unforgettable. Going from New York to India, shooting with a celebrity, collaborating with Jessica… that was one of my highlights as director.

5. What advice would you give to your younger self 10 years ago?

Something I learned on the way and I did a talk about it: If something scares you, then is when you have to do it.

6. What are your thoughts on social media? Hate it? Can’t live without it?

Like everything, if done properly they can help you get a lot of work and recognition. Not a fan of Twitter, find it messy and superficial. Facebook I think is pretty dead… Linkedin is overrated (as you once told me) and Instagram is the one I enjoy the most in terms of finding inspiration and see what’s going on in other studios. What I don’t like of Instagram are two things:

  1. It seems that we are posting for our colleagues in the same field and reaching  potential clients as a studio or director is not as easy.
  2. It’s hard to keep up with it. As a studio based on high-quality animation and imagery, we can not be posting great and outstanding original content every day. We just need to be clever about how to break in tiny little pieces all the projects we have so we can spread it slowly and constantly… which makes it very painful, really…

Smile more. Worry Less.

7. What is your philosophy about life? Or a mantra, quote or proverb you want to share with us?

Smile More. Worry Less. I have this tattooed on my ankles.

8. What’s your dream travel destination or the next place you want to visit? #TravelWithDot

WOW, so many places… I absolutely love traveling, it is my favorite thing to do with my husband. We are dying to go to Kenya, Lofoten Islands and New Zealand.


9. What’s your favorite food experience you would take me to in Valencia, and what would we eat? #EatWithDot

We would go to Lluritu. Very simple, casual, but delicious fresh seafood.

10. Who has been a mentor or someone you have looked up to for advice and inspiration?

Both my parents helped me a lot (obviously) on becoming who I am and to live without fear and accepting myself. They have always taught me how to see things in perspective, act rightly for myself and for others.

11. Dragon or Unicorn? Why?

UNICORN, no doubt! Joy, magic and color!


The Fast 5


1) Your favorite Instagram feed right now:

Juliana Canet. A very millennial girl. Very Catalan, fun, and just fun! Talks a lot about literature but also explains the life of a young girl. Very refreshing and useful if you want to keep understanding the youngsters. Her IG is below!

For the ones that are not Catalan and are into design and animation (which is probably the majority): Gradient Type. See the link at the end of the article.

2) What is the Best Life advice (or lesson learned in business) you ever received: 

At the beginning of my career: Don’t focus on money, focus on experiences, and expertise.

3) Best website/destination you go to for inspiration: 

“It’s Nice That” which I have never been published by and I absolutely would love to be. Maybe one day? “Wine After Coffee” a Vimeo channel run by the guys of Blend Festival that is an absolute joy.

4) The App you can’t live without?

Dropbox, very useful when posting on the tube.

5) Book we should all read?

“SAPIENS” by Yuval Noah Harari. Amazing if you want to refresh your memory about human society, history & evolution.


Thank you for being part of #DesignWithDot! 

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