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Burn and Broad  create unique artistic products.

Made By We Are  using 100% premium silk satin fabric for each piece

Fashion, Design and Sport always make for an interesting combination, and thanks to Burn & Broad, an inspiring project “Made By We Are” has launched late last year. Eugene Serebrennikov and Vicente Morillo have come together to curate an experimental design project using scarves as the canvas! 

12 multidisciplinary, multinational creatives have joined to create unique artistic products which are suitable for framing or simply for streetwear! Every scarf is produced and hand stitched in Spain, and the creatives are using 100% premium silk satin fabric for each piece!



Vicente is based in Madrid, and has had some top people say great things about his work, including award winning designer Michael Doret;

I discovered Vicente García Morillo’s work when I saw that he used one of my fonts—but he used it in a way that I had never thought of! When I started looking at his other work I realized I had found a young designer whose work was completely fresh, distinctive, and to be honest quite startling in its originality. The craftsmanship and attention to detail he displays in the work he’s done is absolutely flawless.

I’ve been happy to collaborate with Burn & Broad on this project! They’ve worked with such great clients including Nike, Budweiser, NFL, TedX, Warner Music Group and Ello, just to name a few.

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