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Before you break the rules you gotta learn them. Here are the Basics to the Instagram Algorithm.

Number one. Engagement. This is a measure of how popular the post is in terms of likes, comments, and shares.

Number two is relevancy. This is a measure of the categories of content you’ve interacted with.

Number three. Relationships. It’s important to interact with accounts within your target audience. Instagram recognizes who you engage with and consequently displays your account to them more regularly.

Number four. Timeliness. Consistency is paramount. Posting once daily is great, but no more than twice a day. You want to stay relevant and top of mind without being annoying.

Number five. Profile searches. This is focused on which accounts you check most often.

Number six. Direct shares. How often do you share and credit an image or video from another account?

Number seven. Time spent. This is how much time you spend looking at other people’s content or how often a customer is looking at your content.


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