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Instagram Summit – the brainchild of the world’s leading Chat Marketing platform, ManyChat – is designed to help social media marketers, influencers, content creators, and eCommerce brands rapidly transform their Instagram marketing strategies.




Instagram Summit – the brainchild of the world’s leading Chat Marketing platform, ManyChat – is designed to help social media marketers, influencers, content creators, and eCommerce brands rapidly transform their Instagram marketing strategies.

Are you familiar with Instagram “shadow-banning” RUMORS and other ways the algorithm “punishes” you? Have no fear, the world’s bravest powerhouses will be busting the algorithm boogie monster at ManyChat’s IG Summit!

Natalie Ellis

Co-Founder and CEO of BossBabe


Natalie Ellis is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, as well as the co-founder and CEO of media brand BossBabe. Under her leadership, BossBabe now reaches more than 20M+ ambitious women per month and has a community of 5M across their social media, blog, podcast, and newsletter. Natalie’s expertise lies in audience growth, content monetization, and business strategy. Natalie is passionate about supporting women to take action in creating lives that they’re in love with.

Jaclyn Johnson

Founder and CEO of Create & Cultivate


Jaclyn Johnson is a powerhouse entrepreneur, author, investor, podcast host, and business owner. She is the CEO of Create & Cultivate, which gathers the best and the brightest female entrepreneurs and CEOs in online and in-person conferences to help educate & facilitate young women in today’s working world. Create & Cultivate reaches an audience of 1 million millennial women, and has hosted over 100 events to date. The conferences boast sponsors that include top Fortune 500 companies like Mastercard, Facebook Messenger, Amazon, LinkedIn, QuickBooks, and Microsoft to the buzziest brand names like LaCroix, Clinique, Chandon, Urban Outfitters, and more. Past speakers and panelists include celebrities and CEOs like ​Kim Kardashian West, Martha Stewart, Chelsea Handler, Jessica Alba, Meghan Markle, Chrissy Teigen, Gloria Steinem, Issa Rae, Nicole Richie ​, and more front-runners in fashion, technology, design, and business. Previous to Create & Cultivate, Jaclyn established and sold her own marketing and influencer agency titled (No Subject) by the time she was 28. Jaclyn has been recognized by Forbes’ “30 Under 30,” Ad Week Disruptor, A Women Of Note by The Wall Street Journal, and more. Jaclyn’s own work-life philosophy, built on the cornerstones of female empowerment, hustling-hard, and innovation has propelled her voice to the forefront of the discussion on workplace equality, a new thought-leader for millennial women and Gen Zers on the career come up. Known for her powerful messaging and often imitated never duplicated style of digital and experiential marketing, Johnson is reshaping attitudes on female entrepreneurialism, work culture, and the gig economy for women all over the world. Johnson’s first book, ​WorkParty​, offers a rallying cry for women in the workplace, ​First We Learned In, Now We Stand Up. WorkParty ​is Johnson’s career manifesto sharing her story as well as advice on how she turned distrust into determination, frustration into fuel, and heartache into hard work. WorkParty has an accompanying podcast that has featured guests like ​Kristen Bell, Sophia Bush, Kendra Scott, and Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran and was named to Forbes’ 21 Podcasts to Listen to in 2021 list.

Ashley Ann

Biz Builder, Social Media Strategist & TEDx Speaker


Ashley Ann, also known as King Ashley Ann is a talented biz builder, public speaker, and social media strategist. Ashley has helped over 11,000 individuals monetize their social media and over 700 people create 6 figure incomes. She has currently helped 151 people create 7 figure incomes and 9 of her clients are consistently doing million-dollar months. She has also helped over 1000 businesses generate $25K- $45K per month using Live Stream.

Monique Lombardo

Founder of The Socialista and Co-Creator of Rise With Reels


Monique is a Social Media, Reels, and Marketing Coach helping businesses create a stellar Instagram presence to become the go-to in their industry and turn their followers into dollars!

Sue B. Zimmerman

Founder of Sue B. Zimmerman Enterprise


Sue B. is an insightful, energetic, and in-demand online marketing educator, influencer speaker, and no-BS business coach. Whether she’s taking a global stage, or speaking at an industry conference, like Social Media Marketing World, or working one-on-one with her clients, Sue B. is driven to help business owners leverage the power of Instagram to meet (and exceed) their business goals. As a lifelong entrepreneur, Sue B. has over 30 years of business experience. And, with her extensive knowledge and implementation of social media, it is Sue B.’s mission to teach, mentor, and empower others.

Molly Mahoney

Founder & CEO of The Prepared Performer


Molly is a digital strategist who specializes in creating authentic Facebook video content and leveraging Bots to skyrocket sales. After her video reached one million organically, she developed her signature “Go Live And Monetize” GLAM method. She’s been featured in Inc. Magazine and seen speaking at Social Media Marketing World.

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