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Would your company benefit from being on a billboard in Time Square? No fee. No catch.

How my personal brand got me on a billboard in Time Square for free

Would your company benefit from being on a billboard in Time Square? No fee. No catch.

That’s literally what I was asked by a Facebook follower I’d never even met out of nowhere.

A few weeks later, there it was, my face on the giant screens of Nasdaq as one of the world’s most iconic commercial centers opened for business.

And why was it there? My personal brand.

Your personal brand is the most valuable asset and the best investment you can make for yourself in 2022. And when you build a good one, it does the work for you.

Businesspeople work 18-hour days for years to try and get near Nasdaq and don’t succeed.

So what the hell am I, a simple person, doing on a ten foot screen in Time Square?

It wasn’t because of who I know. This was a generous offer from a total stranger. It was because of who knew me.

I’ve been on Facebook for 15 years and developed a clear identity.

I set my goals, defined my brand, shared them, and connected with people from across the world on all kinds of social media platforms.

You see, the beautiful thing about people is that they’re inherently good and if they feel connected to what you are putting out there, they’ll help you. Yeah, you.
Nasdaq was never my goal.

I wanted to become the most recognized expert in my space, to create an incredible personal brand. Nasdaq was a consequence of my success.

A strong personal brand will enable you to flourish in crowded markets, shine in your space, create your ideal lifestyle, and empower you to make a difference in the world.

Start investing in yourself today and try out my personal brand strategy course today – there’s a crazy deal on it right now.

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